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  1. Desk Clock

    Desk Clock

    A beautiful arch shaped studded desk clock. This desk clock will look great on everybody's desk. Learn More

  2. Fisherman


    12" Fisherman Statue on black base with a gold brass plate.

    Learn More

  3. Construction Award

    Construction Award

    5 3/4" X 6 1/4" electroplated resin figure with hard hat, shovel, and rock. Learn More

  4. Star Award

    Star Award

    5 3/4" X 7" cast stone award. Holds 2" medallion. Please call for medallion options. Learn More

  5. Weather Station Plaque

    Weather Station Plaque

    5" X 17" Piano finish weather station with a black brass plate and gold plate. Weather station includes thermometer, barometer, and clock. Learn More

  6. Patriotic Eagle Award

    Patriotic Eagle Award

    5 1/2" X 7" resin award featuring an eagle and an American flag on a base with a gold plate. Learn More

  7. Crushed Ice Acrylic

    Crushed Ice Acrylic

    Jade acrylic with a crushed ice look. Learn More

  8. Flame Series

    Flame Series

    Flame shaped jade acrylic award. Flame Series - 5" x7 3/4" thick. Learn More

  9. Skyline Custom Acrylic Clock

    Skyline Custom Acrylic Clock

    Custom acrylic clock with engraved logos and your cities skyline. Perfect for conferences.
    Call for pricing. Learn More

  10. Custom Acrylic

    Custom Acrylic

    Custom screen printed acrylic awards. Several shapes available including the United States and individual states.
    Please call for pricing and more information. Learn More

  11. Black Clock Plaque

    Black Clock Plaque

    10" X 13" Black Piano plaque with a black brass plate with gold accents. Clock features a waterfall bezel with glass lens, gold dial, and three hands. Learn More

  12. Walnut Clock Plaque

    Walnut Clock Plaque

    10" X 13" Solid Walnut plaque with a black brass plate, gold engraving, clock and decorative trim. Learn More

  13. Name Plate and Card Holder

    Name Plate and Card Holder

    2" X 10" Solid Walnut nameplate with a marble and gold brass plates conveniently holds your business cards so they are always there when you need them. Learn More

  14. Rosewood Name Plate

    Rosewood Name Plate

    9 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2" Rosewood piano finish name plate with solid brass plate. Made in the USA. Learn More

  15. Mirror Wall Clock

    Mirror Wall Clock

    Mirror wall clock with battery. Learn More

  16. Antique Bronze Cast Eagle

    Antique Bronze Cast Eagle

    Award with fully modeled eagle shape antique bronze casting on walnut base with custom engraveable plate. Learn More

  17. Walnut Gavel

    Walnut Gavel

    American walnut gavel with band. Learn More

  18. Walnut Sounding Block

    Walnut Sounding Block

    American walnut sounding block for use with a gavel with brass name plate. Learn More

  19. Metal Star Award on Crystal Base

    Metal Star Award on Crystal Base

    Chrome-plated metal star award mounted on a crystal base, with custom engraveable black aluminum plate. Learn More

  20. Jade Acrylic Award

    Jade Acrylic Award

    Award made of 3/4" thick jade acrylic. Learn More

Items 1 to 20 of 116 total

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