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  1. Crystal Plaque Clock

    Crystal Plaque Clock

    Wow what a beauty! Clear crystal round award with a clock. Size 4 1/2". Learn More

  2. Arch Desk Clock

    Arch Desk Clock

    For that special person for office or home. Rosewood Piano finish wood.
    Size 4" x 5". Learn More

  3. Custom Bezel Wall Clock

    Custom Bezel Wall Clock

    Put your imprint around the bezel or add anything round to the bezel for the utmost in a wall advertisement for your organization. Then print the dial face to complement your presentation. Learn More

  4. Dark Brown Custom Clock

    Dark Brown Custom Clock

    Beautiful walnut finish clock. Custom engraveable clock is available in size 10" x 15". Learn More

  5. American Walnut Desk Clock

    American Walnut Desk Clock

    Airflyte Edge - Book style plaque with quartz clock, diamond cut black. Learn More

  6. Clock and Cardholder Nameplate

    Clock and Cardholder Nameplate

    Combination clock and business cardholder in rosewood piano-finish with gold metal accents. Learn More

  7. Rosewood Clock

    Rosewood Clock

    Rosewood piano finish wood, with a brass base, Diamond-spun dial, three hand movement, and a black brass engraving plate. Learn More

  8. Rosewood Desktop Clock

    Rosewood Desktop Clock

    Desktop clock rosewood piano-finish wood with gold metal accents. Learn More

  9. Rosewood Piano Clock

    Rosewood Piano Clock

    Rosewood piano-finish clock. Waterfall bezel with glass lens, gold dial, three hand movement. Learn More

  10. Walnut Clock Plaque

    Walnut Clock Plaque

    American Walnut plaque with Quartz clock and a black plate. Learn More

  11. Black Clock Plaque

    Black Clock Plaque

    10" X 13" Black Piano plaque with a black brass plate with gold accents. Clock features a waterfall bezel with glass lens, gold dial, and three hands. Learn More

11 Item(s)

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