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  1. Auto Sculpture Award

    Auto Sculpture Award

    Perfect award for the perfect driver. Resin two tone gold and silver sculpture award. Size 7 1/4" x 8 3/4". Learn More

  2. Custom Fish Plaque

    Custom Fish Plaque

    Dark walnut finish plaque with a fish plate ready for you to customize. Size 7" x 9". Additional sizes available. Learn More

  3. Yearly Plaque Award

    Yearly Plaque Award

    Perfect for recognizing outstanding employees or other yearly awards. Walnut finish with custom engraveable black brass plates. Size 9" x 12". Learn More

  4. State Award Plaque

    State Award Plaque

    Not only can you get this in the shape of the United States, but this plaque is also offered in single states! Call and order your state plaque today! Golden walnut finish with black edges. Please call for pricing and sizes. Learn More

  5. Perpetual Award Plaque

    Perpetual Award Plaque

    This plaque is perfect for recognizing multiple people all at once or you can add names gradually. Rosewood piano finish with custom engraveable black brass plates. Size 18" x 24". Learn More

  6. Dark Brown Custom Plaque

    Dark Brown Custom Plaque

    Walnut finish plaque, which is available in size
    6" x 8". Makes a great gift that you can customize. Learn More

  7. Oak Custom Plaque

    Oak Custom Plaque

    Oak finish plaque with border plate. Custom engraveable plaque in available size 7" x 9". Learn More

  8. Black Plaque w/Flag Plate

    Black Plaque w/Flag Plate

    8" x 10" Matte Black Plaque with a gold decorative plate and a unique flag background. This plaque has been recently updated with a new design, which is different from our original one in our catalog. Learn More

  9. American Walnut Plaque

    American Walnut Plaque

    9" x 12" American Walnut Plaque with black/silver plate. Learn More

  10. Star Plaque

    Star Plaque

    8" x 10" Matte black plaque with star. Learn More

  11. Oak Plaque w/Eagle Plate

    Oak Plaque w/Eagle Plate

    6" x 8" Oak finish plaque with eagle plate. Learn More

  12. Sheffield Series Walnut Plaque

    Sheffield Series Walnut Plaque

    Jewelers black and brush brass plates on American walnut plaques. Custom engraveable plaque in available size 8" x 10". Learn More

  13. Cherry Finish Plaque

    Cherry Finish Plaque

    Cherry finish plaque with cascading gold swirl design engraving plates. Cherry finish wood is hand rubbed for a deep furniture finish. Laser engraveable brass plate. Learn More

  14. Rosewood Piano Plaque

    Rosewood Piano Plaque

    Rosewood stained piano finished plaque with rounded clipped corners, black textured center plate with Florentine border. Laser engraveable solid brass engraving plate. 8" x 10 1/2". Learn More

  15. Eclipse Series Perpetual Plaque

    Eclipse Series Perpetual Plaque

    Traditional Eclipse Walnut series plaques, which can be custom engraved in 12 or 24 plate formats. Available in three different sizes and formats. Each are priced differently. See details below. Learn More

  16. Rosewood Desktop Clock

    Rosewood Desktop Clock

    Desktop clock rosewood piano-finish wood with gold metal accents. Learn More

  17. Rosewood Piano Clock

    Rosewood Piano Clock

    Rosewood piano-finish clock. Waterfall bezel with glass lens, gold dial, three hand movement. Learn More

  18. Walnut Clock Plaque

    Walnut Clock Plaque

    American Walnut plaque with Quartz clock and a black plate. Learn More

  19. Black Piano Plaque with Black Plate

    Black Piano Plaque with Black Plate

    7" x 9" Black stained piano-finish plaque black textured center plate with florentine border. Learn More

  20. Shield Plaque

    Shield Plaque

    7" x 8" American Walnut shield shaped plaque with a black plate with a printed border. Learn More

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